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Whether the goal is to interview for attitude, set aside their own bias, predict future performance or just keep questions on a legally safe path, this collection of brand new programs this designed to provide managers with the planning and preparation tools they need to substitute dread and anxiety with focus and excitement.updates the best-selling employee coaching show ever.

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Your employee is not interested in dating the person.

[Even though the delivery person is not in your employ, you must act.

To help protect yourself and your company, you need to learn about employment laws and your responsibilities as a supervisor to comply with these laws.

With a nod to David Letterman, this article offers a brief introduction to a top ten list of HR “rules” that all supervisors should know and heed. If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed the employee handbook; now’s a good time.

They are the underpinning of “how” we complete our short- and long-term mission.

All of our employees, professional and sworn, are expected to follow and practice their application.

[Dating between bosses and subordinates is forbidden at most organizations.

Follow your organization policy, or talk to HR.] Your work area is a back office operation that’s pretty hectic, and, you have to admit, a little gross.

You have demonstrated a set of technical job-related skills that qualified you to become a supervisor. HR refers to a collection of activities related to the people of a company or organization.

In your new job as a supervisor you will oversee and guide the work of a team of people. As a supervisor, you are now charged with knowing and following a number of policies, procedures and regulations that are Human Resources related, “HR” for short. It involves managing people and the workplace and typically includes: recruiting and hiring, administering compensation and benefits, training, complying with regulations, and managing job performance and behavior in the workplace.

Learn More is a powerful training solution for today’s forward-thinking organizations and the most adopted organizational training worldwide. and you’ll create a culture where people What's every top manager's secret to success? Centered around the story of the Space Shuttle Challenger, this award winning film explores the phenomenon that occurs when a group of people seek unanimous agreement, in spite of differing opinions and facts.

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