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Kids are trying to find the love of their life, but find themselves in over their heads with the pain and suffering that comes from the dating scene at school. ” Kids want to be cool, they want to experience love, they want to be accepted and they want to fit in. Soon they find that dating and sex isn’t just fun and games.A recent study showed that the greatest fear that a young person has is, that they will never find someone to love and find someone to love them. Probably the biggest problem I deal with is the permissive attitude toward sex in our culture. I see a lot of competition between the girls and guys over who gets to "go out" with who.The old worries about teen pregnancy, tarnished reputations and broken hearts still apply, but today there are new risks due to rising rates of dating violence and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

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A colossal mistake, say his parents."It's a blatant lie," his father, Lester Anderson says.

Amanda Anderson, his mother, says "it doesn't even fit our lifestyle; it doesn't fit how we raised our kids." Zach says his parents had always told him not to have sex before marriage.' I want to be in trouble and not you' Both the girl's mother and the girl herself appeared in court, to say they didn't believe Zach belonged on the sex offender registry.

But those plans and any semblance of a normal life are for now out the window.

Under court order, he can't access the Internet, go to a mall or linger near a school or playground.

Don’t just assume your child knows the difference; tell them as often as you can.

Make sure to teach your children from an early age the difference between dating and sex. Help your teen understand that dating is about getting to know the other person emotionally, not just physically.Model Healthy Relationships Being a good role model to our kids as we interact with our spouses and others is the first step toward ensuring they’ll develop healthy connections as teens and adults, Ponton and Brown say.Enforcing rigid gender stereotypes or engaging in harmful relations ourselves can set our kids up for relationship woes later on.Many parents don’t realize how important it is to teach your child that dating and sex do not go hand in hand.Many teens assume that sex is a normal part of dating. Magazines, movies, television, and their friends all give them this message on a regular basis.Suggest other things to do with someone rather than have sex.

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