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A fourteen year old bed wetter runs home from school every day to retrieve the wet sheet his mother has hung from his bedroom window to punish him. See full summary » When the police finds a necklace with some criminal, a detective remembers that it was missing evidence in a murderer case many years ago. See full summary » According to an interview in the Italian publication "Io Emanuelle," director Hall Bartlett insisted that actress Laura Gemser use a pseudonym because of her background in erotic films.

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The dating guy tvrip Un nouveau logo montrer clairement les doublages réalisés au Québec et renforcer l’image de marque du secteur du doublage.

A Canadian animated tv series created by Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg, It tells the story of Mark Dexler, a guy looking for love in all the wrong places (and usually the strange places too).

Our first shot of the movie is this handy little info bite, then a shot of a human brain and a guy with some white rubber gloves, handling some medical instruments which look like they've come from the high octane nightmare fuel department and they prepare to cut into the brain of some poor sod to harvest his brain juice.

A blonde woman bursts into the room and flings one of the mad scientists away saying "stop right there, Russell" and proceeds to free the poor bloke on the operating table.

Nous reproduisons deux communiqués de l'UDA afin de promouvoir le doublage fait au Québec!!

Relance de l’industrie québécoise du doublage : état des lieux Depuis septembre 2014, les membres de la commission sur le doublage composée de représentants de l’Union des artistes et de l’Association nationale des doubleurs professionnels (ANDP) ont entrepris plusieurs actions en vue de redynamiser l’industrie du doublage et défendre les conditions de travail de ses membres.A mild annoyance, every single shot so far has been tilted for no particular reason.Some guys come in and arrest the bloke on the table for being an unregistered mutant and because he was unregistered they aren't going to aresst the evil doctor type guy for trying to saw into his brain.The believable scene is so realistic looking, it appears that this stunt is the first time the actress ever used scuba.The river has very low visibility, they are traversing the bottom, trying to maintain direction by referencing the current, bumping into strange things along the bottom.The blonde woman is Emma Frost, she gets very annoyed when a guy tells the Doctor Russell that his punishment for trying to murder someone is getting fired so she creates some wind and lightning and scowls at him. We get a 'five years later' and see a young guy called Angelo (Skin) who is packing his things to go to Xavier's school for the gifted.

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