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He shared, “They love music, they’re taking dance classes, piano lessons…

I mean, imagine being anywhere with Mariah Carey, but especially imagine being on some big crazy boat owned by the king of Australia with Mariah Carey, while Mariah Carey songs waft across the decks of the ship.

Oh, also, you’re off the coast of an Italian island. Carey is having quite the experience herself, as it seems this romance with Packer is of the whirlwind variety.

When AJ commented on his absence from the dating scene, Nick laughed, “Not at all.

Man, come on, it’s hard out here, AJ.” He continued, “I don’t even want to get involved in that — I got too many jobs. I’m comfortable being dad, I’m comfortable being CCO, I’m not comfortable being boyfriend.” When AJ asked what would happen if Nick met the woman of his dreams, Cannon smiled, “I had her! ” According to Page Six, Mariah and James Packer are apparently getting married in Tahiti, but her reps have shut down the reports, saying, "definitely all rumors.” Though Mariah has moved on, the friendly exes are committed to co-parenting their children, Monroe and Moroccan.

Some buttoned-up normie who can offer a bit of calm and stability to offset the turbulence of the creative life?

An Australian billionaire who’s obsessed with her music?If you studied those three options and, after due consideration, said to yourself, “Hm, I think number three,” well then, you’re in luck.Because Mariah Carey is, in fact, dating an Australian billionaire who is obsessed with her music.Mariah and Nick were together this past weekend with their twins, and Nick graciously posted a pic on Instagram.Cannon gushed about his little ones, “They’re about to be five April 30… It’s so amazing to see them grow and love each other, co-parenting, and all that stuff; it’s love, it's beautiful.” Nick also revealed that the twins have their own personalities and love the arts.Mariah Carey and her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka have split after five months of dating, according to TMZ.

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