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• An invalidating environment fails to teach the child when to trust her own emotional responses as valid interpretation of events.

Rather, the invalidating environment teaches the child to invalidate her own experiences and to search her social environment for cues how to think, feel and act. Permission is given by the author to copy this article if ...

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Patients showing the features of Borderline Personality Disorder as defined in DSM-IV are notoriously difficult to treat (Linehan 1993a).

They are difficult to keep in therapy, frequently fail to respond to our therapeutic efforts and make considerable demands on the emotional resources of the therapist, particular when suicidal and parasuicidal behaviours are prominent.

” When you are upset because someone didn’t want to play with you, the response is “well, you deserve it, you shouldn’t trust others, and don’t be upset, there’s no reason to be upset, you shouldn’t be upset” You’re sad because your friend couldn’t come to your house to play.

The response you get is “there’s no need to be sad, that’s stupid, you’ll see him/her next time.

When your emotions are repeatedly invalidated when you’re young, you learn to mistrust your feelings and to judge them as bad or wrong.

During DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) group today, one of my peers mentioned that out of all of the hell she experienced growing up as a child who was abused and in a very invalidating environment, the one thing she learned from her parents was that she can do ANYTHING on her own.These same clients tend to struggle with impulsive behaviors as well.If you relate to feeling very emotional and impulsive, the biosocial theory of emotional dysregulation in DBT provides a framework that can shed light on .An 'emotionally vulnerable' person in this sense is someone whose autonomic nervous system reacts excessively to relatively low levels of stress and takes longer than normal to return to baseline once the stress is removed.It is proposed that this is the consequence of a biological diathesis.Don’t be sad” What if you’re actually angry because they’re not listening to you…you’re sad and they keep telling you that there’s no reason to be…


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