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The two hominin trackways were probably made by Australopithecus afarensis and are preserved in volcanic ash.

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On the opposite site of the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea is the Mediterranean Sea.

To read Part 2 Click Here To view an interactive map of all cases Click Here If you were to hear of a young man disappearing after a night of partying and ending up dead in a river, you might be quick to call it a tragic accident.

With very little attempt at chill I interrupted their conversation and grilled him on the particulars. The overstuffed crate labeled “coincidences” is packed with an amazing variety of experiences, and yet something more than rarity compels us to group them together.

Mayim Bialik has been in showbiz for over two decades, so naturally she knows how to dress on screen!

Here we report the use of a new technique that allows us to decouple the G2 and G3 tracks for the first time.

In so doing we are able to quantify the mean footprint topology of the G3 trackway and render it useable for subsequent data analyses.They were confident we would do nothing to stop them, and they were right. Until, Part Two: A little more than a year later, I went to a summer program at Michigan State University, a nerd camp where you take classes like genetics for fun.One evening, as we were sitting around in the common area, chatting and doing homework, I overheard a kid telling his friends how he’d lost a bunch of money last year at Cedar Point. ” is pretty much the catchphrase of coincidences, a coincidence is not just something that was unlikely to happen.Grenville Draper of Florida International University considers it highly unlikely that such an event could have occurred: “Nothing of this magnitude has been reported, even from the Mediterranean…” Supposing Draper’s remarks rejecting the likelihood of the city having submerged are reliable, we are compelled to accept that the city was built at more or less the same depth that the city is located now.In other words, we are faced with the patently absurd conclusion that the structures were built underwater!They claimed it was theirs; it was not theirs—they counted it in front of us and exchanged “Whoa”s and high fives.


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