cancers dating other cancers - Time dating paper

I probably would not have more than 24 hours but it is nice to have the option if it happens. Your problem is in passing the result of moment.duration() back into moment() before formatting it; this results in moment() interpreting it as a time relative to the Unix epoch.

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It revealed a trove of coins, documents, newspapers and memorabilia dating from America's colonial beginnings to the fragile early days of the United States.

The 10-pound, corroded copper box held two-dozen silver and copper coins from 1652 to 1855; a silver plaque engraved by Revere, who was a silversmith; a copper medal depicting George Washington; five newspapers; the seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; "calling" cards; and a title page from the Massachusetts Colony Records."Tonight is a new chapter in a story that began in 1795," Malcolm Rogers, director of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, which oversaw the excavation, said before the capsule was opened at 6 p.m. Staff worked for nearly four hours to loosen the screws of the box, which measured 5½ inches by 7½ by 1½, CNN reported."They said it was hermetically sealed, and I think they really meant it," said Pam Hatchfield, the museum conservationist who had worked several hours last month to chisel the capsule free.

As she pulled objects out, she remarked that the paper was "in amazingly good condition." The time capsule found in the Boston State House cornerstone was a 10-pound, copper box. The time capsule held silver and copper coins dating from 1652 to 1855. In 1855, it was unearthed and additional items were added before it was returned to the Statehouse cornerstone.

The box was encased in plaster and took more than seven hours to excavate, according to a statement from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. The time capsule, encased in plaster with coins tossed in for good luck, was unearthed Dec.

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