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(This person usually claims to have an impressive, upper-middle-class or better job – an engineer, a physician, an independently wealthy contractor or business owner – but there's always some complicated explanation why he claims to suffer a cash shortfall requiring your help.)Last summer, for example, a woman in Indiana lost $150,000 to a dating scammer before finally coming to her senses.

This week we heard from a woman we'll call “Tina” who had a sadly typical story: she met and spoke to a man online, never in person, and then he asked her for money after claiming to fall in love with her.

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Either play along with them, or just go silent on them.

This website blocks all African IP addresses so we do not teach them to be better scammers.

We haven't met nor talk face to face (video conferencing). We both feel connected and in love as you probably know why I'm helping this guy to help him because I feel for him and I think I love him. He's good looking and will not have problem finding a girlfriend (which still this is a puzzle to me).

I know what I'm about to do is stupid (my head tells me not to do it) but everything I asked this guy to produce to prove his identity he always pass and satisfy my curiosity. Recently he sent me a letter from Malaysian embassy awarding him the job to contain the avian flu virus in Malaysia.

Refrigerate trained on importance of maintaining sexual health or have concerns about the other.

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For as long as there's been Internet dating, there have been Internet-dating scammers.


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