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Dating simulation games are nothing new in Japan; and in fact, there's something for both boys and girls.This particular booth at the Tokyo Game Show was chiefly promoting Voltage Inc.'s romance mobile apps to the ladies, but with a twist: The company brought in some "attractive models" to let attendees "experience the world of romance apps in real life." Japanese girls (and some guys) were actually lining up to try a scene from one of the three games, and needless to say, it's rather entertaining to watch their reactions -- which were unsurprisingly consistent in general -- as the male characters wooed them with a "kabe don." And if you don't know what that is, educate yourselves with our video after the break.Let’s face it, modern dating can be pretty disappointing for both sexes, but for girls who value good old-fashioned romance, it’s particularly dire.

Tokyo, Japan -- There’s already a whole bunch of dating sim titles aimed at both men and women available to play on your phone or tablet.

But for those who are fed up of sappy, cliché boy-meets-girl stories there’s a new addition to the growing range of visual novels available on mobile platforms that is set to tell a unique story focusing not on romance, but on the Buddhist religion.

Romance and dating simulation games aren’t new in Japan, but (with the notable exception of the games), they’ve been traditionally aimed at male players.

These days, however, girls are spoilt for choice with a huge range of romance and virtual dating apps which combine beautifully drawn artwork with compelling male characters and intricate stories with lots of twists and turns.

Romance simulation stories are probably the most popular type, where the protagonist can choose which character they want to romance from a selection of gorgeous girls or guys.

However, upcoming title Mori no Seija (Saint of the Forest) has a unique premise, telling the story of a young Japanese man going on a trip to Thailand to train as a novice monk. and Tokyo School Life, it’s interesting to see a Japanese protagonist heading to another country.

The answer for frustrated females may lie in the emerging mobile phone romance/otome app genre, which is currently flourishing in Japan.

After all, why waste your tears on a guy who doesn’t text you back when you can have your very own virtual boyfriend living in your phone?

Some of you who like video games and often watch walkthroughs of games by popular You Tubers such as Pew Die Pie may be familiar with the games developed by Telltale Games, an independent American video game publisher and developer.

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