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From the cities to busy market towns, life here moves quickly– at least in comparison to much of the Caribbean.It's a stark contrast from mountainous Tobago, one-16th the size, which lures visitors with a laid-back vibe, wide biodiversity and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

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Ambitious Trinidadians can't resist relishing the stereotype that their countrymen over the water are work-shy, living life at their own slow pace.

From the average traveller's point of view it might seem that Tobago has the edge, by dint of unrivalled beaches and a far greater choice of accommodation.

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A senior lecturer at the University of the West Indies History Department, Dr. Reid and his students have found more evidence of people who lived in Trinidad 7,000 years ago. Reid’s team found a large stone pestle, crab claws, oysters, nerite shells, bird and mammal bones, a sandstone adze which is used for smoothing rough wood, quartz and flint stone flakes, and red ochre.

Reid has found several sites of archaeological importance and has documented his researches in a book called . The shell samples from the site were dated at Beta Analytic’s lab in Miami, Florida.

Nevertheless, the pair – just off the coast of Venezuela – are profoundly different, with contrasting characters and attitudes that sometimes breed a gentle rivalry. Cosmopolitan Trinidad, roughly the size of Northumberland, is largely flat and heavily influenced by its Indian community, which constitutes half the 1.3 million-strong population.

These two sisters, separated by 30km of Caribbean waters, came together in 1889, and last year celebrated 50 years of independence, following their break from Britain in 1962.

Radiocarbon dating results suggest that the site is indeed ancient.

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