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For Splashtop to work efficiently, the computer should have at least 256MB of video memory.This is easily met by most PCs and off-the-shelf graphics cards nowadays (where 1GB is not uncommon).

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But perhaps there is another way to make your function run with less screen updates?

It would be helpful if you posted your function ;-)*choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super *choice test2 test3 super ...

I have a workbook that has many macros that are run individually at times, but more often run in succession.

I turn off Screen Updating & Enable Events at the beginning and back on at the end for most of the macros that I run individually.

However, when these macros are part of a macro chain (triggered by a parent macro) in order to do more complex automations, the screen updating flickers on and off.

Is there any way to run a Workbook macro that automatically turns of Screen Updating whenever any macro is running and then turns it back on when the procedure is complete?

struct Out = Series Data; [axis, y1, y2] = plotyy(handles.

Wk Start Dt), struct Out.(ts Name)); datetick(axis(1), 'x', 'mm/yy'); datetick(axis(2), 'x', 'mm/yy'); set(axis(1), 'Font Size', 8); set(axis(2), 'Font Size', 8); set(y1, 'Line Width', 2); set(y2, 'Line Width', 2); set(y2, 'Line Style', ':'); n = get(gca,'Ytick'); set(gca,'yticklabel',sprintf('%d |',n')); legend('Scan Vol', 'Modeled Value', strrep(ts Name, '_', ' ')); You can probably speed this up by updating existing objects instead of creating new objects every time. Also, you're repeating the same lines repeatedly on the plot(datetick, linewidth etc), which is not neccesary.

First are the home users who will not have the option to defer upgrades.


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