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Brussaux: I can't kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry. The rep says Brussaux had sex with another big rapper at the same time as Drake, adding the other rapper has all but acknowledged it's his kid.

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-- but she had some tips for those "civilians" trying to impress a sex goddess.

"People think that porn stars don't have basic needs, and don't want cute text messages and nice dates," Angel said. First of all, they get really intimidated, and second of all, I really do have high standards.

Straight-arrow, over-achieving, 18 year old Matthew Kidman has never really lived life, until he falls for his new neighbour, Danielle, only to find out that the 'perfect girl next door' is a one time porn star.

Margaret: David: Matthew Kidman, (Emile Hirsch), is a clean-cut, studious teenager who is trying to obtain a scholarship to a prestigious university while raising money to bring a young Cambodian to study in America.

When I first saw Joanna Angel, she was signing a revealing photo of herself for a shaky bald man named Ryan. I didn't tell her that our meeting would be half-business, half-pleasure (for me, anyway).

Angel was at her booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas, wearing a getup of lace, stripes and metal, and sporting a splash of red in her jet-black hair. I wanted to document the date so that you, my beloved readers, would have a better chance at scoring that goodnight kiss should you ever date an adult entertainer.

Elisha Cuthbert is too good to be true as the seriously sweet porn star, and Emile Hirsch gives a good-natured portrayal of teenage lust. I'm surprised at the moral rage that some reviewers have brought to this film. I don't think it's a work of art, but it's enjoyable. But I liked the acting and basic storyline and could relate to it. I thought Danielle and Matt came across really real. Name: david Postcode: Not Australian Visit Time: 11 Apr, 2005 EST Title: The Girl Next Door Score: Remarks: I loved this movie, I thought it would be funnier but the plot (and elisha cuthbert) made up for that and then some. Eli gave the movie the little bit of humor that it needed to be great Name: Denert Postcode: Victoria Visit Time: 21 Dec, 2004 EST Title: The Girl Next Door Score: Remarks: This is a beautiful love story with beetween a overachiving teenager and a sweet girl next door who happend to have a past.

The Girl Next Door is currently doing the multiplex rounds David: Margaret? i bealive Elisha and Emile both gave great performences and i love the stroyline.

But there are some bright moments, most of them provided by Timothy Olyphant, who is splendid as Danielles ex-producer and, presumably, her ex-lover.


  1. "I realized most of the men in my life have been that way: my dad, my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend, my brother, and most of my clients are all the engineering types.

  2. Remember the old adage of, “Good things come to those who wait”?

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