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Dear friends, Online international dating has become more sophisticated and challenging.

Men who expect to just post a picture and a short bio to get the attention of Russian and Ukrainian brides will be...

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Outlining the problem Many people – men and ladies – have had a negative experience in the past.

This always causes a side effect on their next relationship. It’s not so easy to just stop thinking about the past.

Dear friends, Wooing a beautiful woman from Ukraine or Russia is a process that you must take quite seriously.

Gorgeous Ukrainian ladies will get just as nervous as you do when starting a relationship,...

While in some European countries, offering a woman to split the costs of the dinner might be considered as a good manner and respect to the equal rights, then in the Eastern part most of the women will take it almost as an insult. Ukrainian girls expect you to pay for everything if you are going out.

It is quite normal for them that the guy pays for all activities that you do together.

These days, the term of being polite, has a different meaning in the prominent countries of the West and other arts of the world.

It is always a sensitive topic when it comes to the relationship of men and women.

Dear friends, Some of my readers asked what happened to and why this matrimonial agency is now called

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