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Sergio Osmeña III’s own experience with an antidynasty bill getting foiled by the House. So we just shelved it rather than pass it and embarrass the House for not passing their version,” Osmeña said.


Teofisto Guingona III, made the remarks as the Pimentel panel continued its hearings on the lone antidynasty bill filed in the Senate in the 15th Congress. Pimentel said he intended to bring the hearings on the anti-dynasty bill to provinces that have been dominated by political clans for generations.

He mentioned Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao and Nueva Ecija in Luzon.

82 in 1987, said that a week after the Senate approved his antidynasty bill, a House leader told him that the chamber would not approve the measure. Sixteen votes affirmative, four votes against and one abstention. Guingona said he told the congressman, who would later become senator, that the Senate could do nothing else about the antidynasty measure if the House would not pass it.

“We believe that after 25 years, the problem has gotten worse instead of getting better,” Guingona told the committee, chaired by Sen. Guingona, 84, the father and namesake of incumbent Sen. At the hearing, Commission on Elections Chairman Sixto Brillantes said he believed that the only way an antidynasty measure could be enacted into law was through a people’s initiative, suggesting that Congress—with members of political families as lawmakers—could not be expected to do it.

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