Swinger get laid date sites - Updating a 1940 s colonial house

Deliberately rigid "jardin style" plantings lend structure and cheerful opulence to the outside.

To accentuate the bungalow's clean lines, a new porch railing was added, and the old roof was replaced with faux slate.

Tired aluminum siding was exchanged for prefinished planking.

Another one-quarter or so feature hip roofs that slope on four sides.

The larger Colonial Revival house often has an asymmetrical façade in order to accommodate a garage or porch.

When the owners of a dated 1950s Colonial in Tokeneke decided it was time to build their dream home, they had plenty of ideas about how they wanted it to look, feel and flow; they had been cutting images out of magazines and creating pages devoted to everything from room layouts and flooring to lighting and fabrics.

“They had a great vision of what they wanted their house to be,” says Dan Conlon, the owner of Georgetown-based Daniel Conlon Architects, who spearheaded the project. “But I’d always rather renovate when given a chance.

By reconfiguring the driveway, Conlon created “a graceful entry to the property and a safe play area for the couple’s four children.” Next, a two-story addition provided space for the ground-floor library and home office, plus the second-floor master dressing room and closets.

The pitch of the roof was increased and dormers added to accommodate a third-floor guest suite.

The now-renovated home at 7812 Oldchester Road in the Bradley Woods neighborhood of Bethesda has been on the market since late August, its price having dropped from nearly .4 million to .175 million.


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