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Sometimes, Windows Media Player is unable to identify the contents of your media library.

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However, out of interest do the actual song files themselves have metadata stored in them?

For example, find the one of these audio files in Windows File Explorer, Right-Click It's not something I've experienced and so I'm probably going to be of little help.

Every once and a while you may have noticed that i Tunes does not have the proper album artwork for the music you have imported.

In some cases, it may not have the album artwork at all.

If you're an artist who would like to update your album art, lyrical or biographical information, please follow the instructions below: Update my Album Art on Pandora Your album art should automatically load on our site within one or two weeks of your music going live.

If you do not see your album art on Pandora after your music has started spinning, please send us a 500x500 file of the album artwork, and we will manually upload it.

Not sure what exactly triggers it, but I think it happens after an ad is played.

When you add media files to Windows Media Player, the Media Player will automatically attempt to retrieve file information from an Internet database.

So I turned on Indexing for F:, and now I'm rebuilding Grooves library.

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