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Whether your house is in the mountains, by the sea, or on a cute cul-de-sac, charm can be added in many ways.All home exteriors are different, but you can easily take bits and pieces from all these charming Southern homes and add some charm to your own home exterior.Are you looking to give your house exterior a little more charm?

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View the before and after pictures to see the transformation.

You will see why countless clients searching for a qualified painter in Louisville Kentucky and qualified contractor in the Greater Louisville area have hired Chuck Rader and his team.

Once you put that paintbrush to the surface, however, you are committing yourself to repainting on a regular basis.

Even if the idea doesn't faze you, think of its impact on curb appeal.

To brighten dark brick homes, you have two options: actually brighten the brick or make the overall look appear brighter with lighter, brighter accents.

The right solution for you depends on your home and your taste.

One of the most popular posts I have ever written was about painted brick houses (click here to see post).

I receive literally dozens of emails every month about painted brick from people considering painting their brick and looking for advice on the color of paint to use.

Advantages of Unpainted Brick Unpainted brick is surprisingly low maintenance.

Read all about the advantages of unpainted brick, as well as alternative ways to give your outside walls a fresher, more modem look without painting.

It's a good option when you don't like the brick color at all.


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