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It looked as though the coarse red clay had been baked while pierced with pieces of straw.

Looking back through the archaeological literature, Bogucki found other examples of ancient perforated pottery.

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Simply go to "MY DASHBOARD" and under "SPREAD the WORD," there is a link to "Invite by Postcard." pm April 19, 2017 On Saturday, May 20, 2017 BEC will be hosting its 78th Annual Meeting and Energy and Technology Fair at Mansfield Park in Bandera.

This is the perfect place to ask questions, voice your opinions, and participate in the business of the cooperative. The zones are not based off of zip codes, but rather population density in relation to the existing BEC electric poles and infrastructure.

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Approximately 90 employees operate and maintain more than 4,500 miles of power lines.

BEC is a not-for-profit utility and is locally owned and operated by the members we serve. am August 22, 2017 Electric co-ops around Texas are beginning to provide rural broadband service, just as they supplied electricity to the countryside decades ago.

The goal for a particular zone is 50 percent of active residential and commercial meters. The following graph depicts actual backers for each zone, the goal for that zone and the calculated percentage.

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