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Battery finally died after I left the unit in my car for about a year (long story). A few notes from me: many of the comments here and a few blogs and webpages will help you along the way. Perhaps the new battery will also change over time?Does Creative’s pretty new skipping-stone-of-a-player have the budget muscle to take down the shuffle? Design and Aesthetics The Creative Zen Stone is designed to look like…well, a skipping stone.

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2006-05-31: Gnomad 2.8.5 (and the sad excuse known as 2.8.4) - synchronize to new libmtp and fix bugs. This version includes MTP support for a select number of Creative devices, provided that libmtp 0.0.2 is properly installed on your system.

Recently i had the misfortune to severely damage the hard drive on my Zen Xtra.

Also note that the 4 small screws are slightly different: the short pair are inserted in the bottom only - don't mix them up.

If your unit is about to die - turn it on and make sure you find the firmware version details.

What does $40 USD get you in today’s consumer electronics world? This no-frills MP3 player is set to compete against the more expensive Apple i Pod Shuffle.

While neither may interest you all that much, Creative is betting their recently released Zen Stone portable audio player will grab your eye and wallet.

I'm not convinced the new battery is actually thicker, but the connector is slightly different and the old battery is slightly 'distorted' in order to fit inside more easily.

A second pair of hands to squeeze the unit together while replacing the screws will help.

2011-06-30: Gnomad 2.9.6 is released - we delete HAL support and slam in libgudev support in its place, HAL is deprecated now. And finally we have folder support for the MTP devices.2007-08-29: Gnomad 2.9.0 adds an optional compile-time support for taglib.

Further the dependency on archaeologic GTK (prior to 2.6.0) and update to use new primitives from 2.24 where applicable. If you have taglib (-devel) installed, and an MTP device which can handle Ogg and FLAC files, Gnomad2 will handle them as audio tracks and can also manage their tags now.2007-04-14: Gnomad 2.8.12 includes a number of bug fixes, many of stability nature and X86_64-oriented nature.2007-01-24: Gnomad 2.8.10 is out, this version is updated to make use of libmtp 0.1.3 and later, and it also fix several bugs, including a large sweep at pushing all drawing into the GTK main loop so as to avoid the horribly bugged GDK drawing thread lock. 2006-09-21: Gnomad 2.8.9 is out with some bugfixes.

I recomend the Hitachi Travelstars as they are reliable and cheap.

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