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FOCUS for Mainframe data adapters run on z/OS, OS/390, z/VM, VM, and MVS, and deliver highly efficient data access, including indexed read capabilities for significant CPU and I/O savings.FOCUS data adapters are highly optimized for their target data sources.

In addition some databases have extremely large schema, such as Oracle, and it is very important to limit the set of tables discovered using the Table Name Regex field.

The "Enable Failover" option is provided on the "Connect" panel for certain adapters.

Fill(Data Table, IData Reader) uses Data Table name and specified IData Reader, Fill(Data Table[], IData Reader, Int32, Int32) overloaded method add or refresh rows in a specified range in the collection of Data Table objects to match those in the data source.

Fill(Data Set, String, IData Reader, Int32, Int32) overloaded method uses Data Set and Data Table names.

Data Adapter represents a set of SQL commands and a Database connection that are used to fill the Data Set and update the data source. NET developers can initialize a new instance of Data Adapter class using this two constructors Data Adapter() and Data Adapter(Data Adapter).

Data Adapter(Data Adapter) constructor initialize a new instance of a Data Adapter class from an existing same type object.Data Adapter class have many methods such as Clone Internals, Create Table Mappings, Dispose, Dispose(Boolean), Equals(Object), Fill(Data Set), Fill(Data Table, IData Reader), Fill(Data Table[], IData Reader, Int32, Int32), Fill Schema(Deta Set, Schema Type), Finalize, Get Fill Parameters, Get Hash Code, Get Service, Get Type, Has Table Mappings, On Fill Error, Reset Fill Load Option, To String, Update etc.Data Adapter Fill method add or refresh rows in the Data Set to match those in the data source.In addition, FOCUS data adapters pass complex operations like sorts, aggregations, and joins onto the target DBMS, ensuring the most efficient data retrieval – especially with relational tables.Each adapter returns answer sets that are ready for presentation in reports, graphs, or extract files and FOCUS read/write data adapters can support OLTP applications for many existing data sources, too.This adapter provdies the ability to: It is possible to create queries with dynamic components that can depend on session information, evaluating some expression, or through user interaction via Server Side Filter actions.


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