Updating election polls

Chhata: RLD’s Tejpal Singh is the sitting MLA here.

By law, we cannot accept late application forms and we cannot count late ballots.

Once you have registered to vote by special ballot, you cannot vote another way.

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For website bug reports, data issues/rss feeds submission, feedback, or general questions about Mytimetovote.com, please send an email to [email protected] you register to vote, your voter registration is linked to your residential address.

If the polls are wrong, or if there’s a national swing in voter preferences toward Trump, then his odds should increase in many states at once: Nevada, Ohio, Florida, and so forth.

This adds extra uncertainty to the forecast, which widens the plausible range of electoral vote outcomes, and lowers Clinton’s chances of winning.

The Du Page County Election Commission is an independent, bi-partisan government entity operating under state and federal election laws to promote accurate, efficient, accessible and secure elections in Du Page County.

We serve the public through education and information about the election process, voter registration, election administration and leadership in improving election procedures.

I surveyed over 14,000 people on election day who had already cast their vote to help understand how this unexpected result came about.

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