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Il fait partie intgrante du processus de "boot" (dmarrage) d'un PC.Le BIOS est un firmware, c'est un micro-logiciel, donc de bas niveau cod en assembleur.

Insert the command dir (dir = list directory) at the DOS-Prompt to list all files on the drive. /S = Display current system's ROMID /HOLEOUT: = Save specific ROM Hole according to Rom Hole GUID. I cannot guarentee that it will work on your PC and I assume no liability for any damages!

BIOS-Info BIOS Beeps BIOS Chip installation - removal BIOS Chip package types BIOS Chip Type list BIOS Error messages BIOS FAQs BIOS IDBIOS Passwords CMOS-Reset How to find the type, manufacturer and version BIOS-Software BIOS Boot-CD BIOS Boot-Diskette BIOS Boot-USB-Stick BIOS Boot-Logo BIOS Software-Tools About me Advertising on biosflash Business terms (german)Cancellation policy (german)Contact Feedback Impressum Privacy policy (german)References Search ) on your boot screen. /A = Refer to Options: /A /OAD = Refer to Options: /OAD /CLNEVNLOG = Refer to Options: /CLNEVNLOG Options: /Q = Silent execution /X = Don't Check ROM ID /CAF = Compare ROM file's data with Systems is different or not, if not then cancel related update. /R = Preserve ALL SMBIOS structure during programming /Rn = Preserve SMBIOS type N during programming(n=0-255) /B = Program Boot Block /P = Program Main BIOS /N = Program NVRAM /K = Program all non-critical blocks. /HOLE: = Update specific ROM Hole according to Rom Hole GUID. /CAPSULE = Override Secure Flash policy to Capsule /RECOVERY = Override Secure Flash policy to Recovery /EC = Program Embedded Controller Block. BIN" /sn = don't save the old BIOS /cks = Show Update Binfile Checksum /R = reset System after Programming Attention: this Howto describes only a BIOS update according to standard, how it should work on most mainboards with AMI-BIOS, AWARD-BIOS or PHOENIX-BIOS.

Le Basic Input Output System (BIOS, en franais : systme lmentaire d'entre/sortie ) est, au sens strict, un ensemble de fonctions, contenu dans la mmoire morte (ROM - Read Only Memory) de la carte mre d'un ordinateur, lui permettant d'effectuer des oprations lmentaires lors de sa mise sous tension, par exemple la lecture d'un secteur sur un disque.

Par extension, le terme est souvent utilis pour dcrire l'ensemble du micrologiciel de la carte mre.

If you want to find out more about it you can find good documents on the IBM Research TCPA resources page.

In addition to benefits (such as in-hardware storage of cryptographic keys) TCG standards have some drawbacks.Download the following file suitable for your Shuttle OMNINAS: KS10KD22KD21KD202. Unzip the ZIP file downloaded onto a FAT32 formatted, empty USB 2.0 stick (sticks with USB 3.0 interface are not suitable for this process). Remove the LAN cable and the hard disk(s) from your NAS. Remove the USB stick and reinsert the hard disks into the unit in the correct order. The update is completed by starting the NAS by pressing the power button. The Embedded Security Subsystem is a chip on the Think Pad's mainboard that can take care of certain security related tasks conforming to the TCPA standard.It was first introduced among the T23 models and is now under the name "Embedded Security Subsystem 2.0".It is an integral part of most of the modern Think Pads.

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