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I tried following the advice here — Install ruby 2.2.3 via apt, but unfortunately I get the error, “alternative path /usr/bin/ruby2.2 doesn't exist”.What is the right way to upgrade my system to use Ruby 2.2 or greater?

Ruby on Rails is the web framework that revolutionized web development a few years ago and powers many of the hottest start-ups today.

It allows developers to rapidly develop working prototypes and even full sites without having to reinvent the wheel or worry about loads of configuration.

Ruby runs best on Unix-like systems, making Linux an excellent choice for developing for Rails. It's not too big, but it will still need some time to build.

Debian Stretch comes loaded with up-to-date version of Ruby and Rails as well as providing support for the popular RVM Ruby manager. The RVM script should automatically add itself and Ruby to your Bash path.

There are two basic ways to install Ruby and Rails on Debian Stretch. It allows you to change and select any current version of Ruby and compartmentalize installs. Before actually installing RVM, there are a couple of dependencies that need to be installed. Closing and re-opening your terminal should make Ruby available.

The other option is to use the packages in the Debian repositories. If not, you can run the command below to force it to be added.

“rbenv” is a command-line tool that allows you to install and manage Ruby and Rails.

“rbenv” will let you move between Ruby versions as needed and keeping your entire team on the same version.

So, that may be a lot to take in, but with that range of options, it's clear why a lot of Rails developers prefer to use RVM.


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