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The installer will set up everything the program needs on your system.Some programs are designed to be portable, not writing to the registry, storing their data in their own folder, and running from an file without any installation required. Communication is blocked by my router (which I doubt) Should I try updating POL? I tested it by having a friend log into the same sever and it worked for him. Got the game and really want to i am using playonlinux the first time I was searching for diablo 3 and when i should find the exe i take the client downloader and download all files to my ubuntu home the installation after this failed now i use diablo 3 again and take as file the downloaded exe file...

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As thousands struggle to play Diablo 3 and servers buckle under the strain, Blizzard has explained the various error messages players are receiving as they attempt to log-in - and offered advice on how to deal with them.

Two of the more popular error messages are 37 and 12.

In the months ahead Mooege may support the full version of Diablo 3. Right click the new shortcut and open the properties.

Add -launch -auroraaddress localhost:1345 at end of target line. Target: "\Diablo III.exe" -launch -auroraaddress localhost:1345 Step 4: Start the Mooege server via Mooege.exe! Now you can log in Diablo 3 Beta with: Username: [email protected] Password: anything .

However, this would be extremely tedious and would often require using some sort of program that monitors the changes an installer makes.

In practice, simply reinstalling the program is much faster and easier.

When clicking "Install Diablo III" I get this error: "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (playonlinux) isn't associated with any program." Do I need to do something first? My only option is that its a Linux problem but for the life of me I can't figure out why. I'm still very much a newb, so I am only comfortably familiar with install rpm files. it is installing at the moment and i am on the way to updateing the file. But now im having same problem described by Evil Monkey and Mark.

Also, I don't have a 1.5.3-Diablo III to select, only a 1.5.4-Diablo III, see screenshot: Got my Diablo 3 CE, but after waiting for over 9 hours for the "Updating setup files' i gave up for today... The install folder is again my ubuntu home that works now i am in the game but i cant press the login button? before i started diablo 3 said my computer is not good enough can i because of that not login to the battlenet? When i try to login it stucks on "authenticating credentials" and after some minutes its shows error 3007 - Conection lost.

Hello, I am trying to install Diablo 2 on my Windows 7 64bit system and I am getting an error at the end of the installation process that says: Setup was unable to create the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\save I have looked into this a lot and have been told to create the directory myself, How do I do this without it adding another Diablo II folder in the directory? Please help, I have spent at least 8 hours trying to figure out how to get this game loaded on my system and am at a loss.

Example: if i create C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\save, it will end up being: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\save\Diablo II, Adding the Diablo II file folder at the end of the directory.

This might be considered an exploit of the way that the client is reporting Error 37 to indicate that servers are too busy.


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