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To make your web site more interactive, the plugin also retrieves the following information for you to use: Ping: The plugin can send an HTTP POST request when the song changes.The request is sent after the upload of the XML file, if configured.In combination they allow you to automate and administrate your Winamp based SHOUTcast station remotely via a web server running on your broadcasting box. Sends system information to your website via FTP from which you can include to your html documents with SSI. Form there this can be uploaded to a FTP and parsed on the server end. Form there this can be uploaded to a FTP and parsed on the server end - Spy AMP Spy Amp is a simple web server plug in for Winamp that allows people to connect to your computer using a browser and see what you're playing.

There are a couple major databases, and Gracenote is the largest.

To ensure that your CD song names will be visible on devices such as i Tunes, Win Amp, and Quintessential Media Player, we encourage you to register your album with Gracenote at even better, we'll register your track titles listed in the IPR form for you when you purchase our Mega Distribution Bundle!

Also, if you would, you can put the Now Playing badge on your web site with a link back to this page.

The more people that donate, the more I will be asked to develop new and interesting features that you will be able to take advantage of!

We're often asked, "When my fans put my CD in their player, will my album title and track names show up?

" The short answer is, it depends on what kind of player they're using and on what steps you've taken before they put it in the player.

number of songs played PHP - - (I haven't tested it) complicated??

You do realize that the old Music Ticker will NOT work in future releases Shoutcast and Nullsoft has cut support for "Extended Log Info", and that the suggestions I made will work with present and future versions of Shoutcast?

My own MP3 collection contains both songs directly ripped and fully tagged, in one round, from my own CDs, and other files from everywhere, all encoded without any tags.

Most of those "non-song" files of mine are either: fully compatible with Linux are Free DB and Music Brainz.

When album information is displayed on a computer, it is a result of your CD being registered with the Gracenote or All Music databases.


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