Updating the fru and sensor data records

For “other” chassis, Intel also provides three generic SDRs called slow, medium and fast ramp.

Here are the steps to choose which temperature sensor controls the fans, and how to modify the fan speed and temperature points of the “slow ramp” curve. Although the format follows the IPMI specification, the relevant entries are undocumented OEM records.

================================================================================ NEC Express5800/E120d-1 BMC firmware 00.09, SDR(Sensor Data Record) 00.10 (Online) ================================================================================ Software name : NEC Express5800/E120d-1 BMC firmware and SDR update module for Online Models : NEC Express5800/E120d-1 Operating System : This software supports the following OS - Microsoft(R) Windows Server(R) 2008 - Microsoft(R) Windows Server(R) 2008 R2 - Microsoft(R) Windows Server(R) 2012 - VMware ESX4 Target Users : See [Target Users for Update] below Type : BMC firmware ================================================================================ [ About the software ] This BMC Firmwaer and SDR update module (hereinafter called "the software") suppots the following functional enhancement in the NEC Express5800/E120d-1 models: - Fixed the issue that the retrying of SNMP alerting is only done to Alert Receiver 1 in case Alert Progress setting is configured as One Alert Receiver.

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- This software does not support virtualization environment.

- To use for this software on Linux(R) OS environment, "Open IPMI" package must have been installed and executed. The BMC firmware update supports via both of Management Controller and Express Update Agent. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Target Users for Update ] This software is available for the users who use the following models with the following BMC firmware versions. NEC Express5800/E120d-1 - BMC firmware and SDR revisions to update: - BMC firmware BMC Firmware Revision: 00.03 BMC Firmware Revision: 00.07 - SDR SDR Revision: 00.06 SDR Revision: 00.09 NOTE: If your BMC firmware revision are later than the above, you do not require the update(the latest revisions already include the functions to be added by the software).

For example, IPMI provides a way to manage a computer that may be powered off or otherwise unresponsive by using a network connection to the hardware rather than to an operating system or login shell.

The specification is led by Intel and was first published on September 16, 1998.

On Solaris this driver is called BMC and is inclued in Solaris 10.

Management of a remote station requires the IPMI-over-LAN interface to be enabled and configured.

Contrary to typical desktop motherboards, the BIOS of this server board doesn’t provide functionality to set a curve for temperature versus fan speed.

Intel expects its customers to house the board inside an approved chassis, and provides IPMI sensor data records (SDRs) with pre-defined curves for those chassis.

Local SDR cache from a remote system can be created with the sdr dump command.

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