Updating to 1 1 2

Updating the /kirby and /panel folder still works like with 1.x versions.Just download the latest Kirby starterkit and replace the old folders.

updating to 1 1 2-54

If you don’t have Composer installed please follow the directions for installing Composer that are available on the Composer website. Pattern Lab 2 was a complete rewrite and reorganization of Pattern Lab 1. To upgrade do the following: If you chose another version do the above and convert the templates as appropriate.

New releases and upgrades are announced in Pattern Lab’s PHP room on Gitter and on Twitter at @patternlabio.

I had those files backed up so I used:git checkout to discard the changes in the "working" directory. This was all done from the command line using sudo so permissions should not have been an issue.

When I went back to the web interface I was expecting the system to present me with any new configuration items which I would accept at their default values and then update the database.

You can also determine if your version of Pattern Lab 2 can be upgraded yourself by doing the following: During the upgrade process Pattern Lab 2 will move or add any files that are required for the new version to work.

It’s recommended to review the Change Log prior to any update so you are aware of upcoming changes.This includes all the core files used to run Word Press.If you have made any modifications to those files, your changes will be lost.Read the guide how to create panel fields in Kirby 2.Kirby 2 has a new concept for simpler Kirbytext extensions, which are easier to share between projects or other Kirby users. You need to exchange a couple of things and your website would probably be broken during the upgrade.


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