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Fluency with SQL is necessary for effective communication with the My SQL server, because that is the language that it understands.

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Then use an update cursor to lookup the share key and if it is in the dictionary you would set the worstoffender value to "YES" and otherwise to "NO".

The second table has to include both the DAMAGING_PARTY field and the WORSTOFFENDER field in the field list of the update cursor to work.

TOP ( can be either a number or a percentage of the rows.

The rows referenced in the TOP expression are not arranged in any order. The TOP clause is applied after the entire source table and the entire target table are joined and the joined rows that do not qualify for an insert, update, or delete action are removed.

I ask because the file I need to run this update statement against has several million records. I imagine it has to do much less internal querying to get the job done.

__________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? This does assume you have a single column PK, beyond the rowid, that would not change when the other columns changes.

The result set is derived from a simple query and is referenced by the MERGE statement.

For more information, see WITH common_table_expression (Transact-SQL).

Performance Tip: The conditional behavior described for the MERGE statement works best when the two tables have a complex mixture of matching characteristics.

For example, inserting a row if it does not exist, or updating the row if it does match.

First build a temp table with the desired column values for the final table by joining the two existing tables. i think about the problem is the syntax but where??? thanks Alex -- View this message in context: from the SQLite mailing list archive at


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