Updating weekly meeting minutes

MEETING MINUTES [YOUR COMPANY NAME] Opening: The regular meeting of [YOUR COMPANY NAME] duly called and held on 18-Sep-2019 12:17 at [ADDRESS], commencing at [TIME].

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PROGRESS MEETING: Unless you have a magic stick to nip in the bud every single issue, it is likely to go on and on and be soon in a situation where the number of open items increases faster than the number of the "closed" checks you can mark them with.

A progress meeting is aimed to capture from time to time all the ongoing critical issues affecting the project, including those of interest of the invited stakeholders and necessary to move milestones.

Or, perhaps more telling, what does it mean to the country and the economy?

Data pulled from professorial and private studies give insight into what all of these meetings really mean.

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Once all the items are captured, it is time to identify the top issues, to agree about the actions, the owners, the deadlines and to review any previously closed item that participants may need to refresh their logs.

Once set the appropriate rhythm, the meeting holder should lead the conversation in such a way to agree on new actions and to review past commitments with the participants, until all the issues are closed and there is a full consensus on the path forward.

I’ve found success with several simple tools and approaches in my work as a consultant.

To be an effective project manager, prepare for every project status meeting by checking with each of your key project team members before the meeting.

that since the format, style and content requirements for meeting minutes varies depending on the organization and the type of committee or Board, this article offers only general guidelines to help get you started.


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