purpose of updating bios - Updating wwan coverage area on verizon

If you have an Android device, you can also check your PRL by tapping Home With Verizon prepping its LTE launch and Sprint lighting up new WIMAX markets, both carriers are spending a lot of time and resources ensuring their current 3G networks are optimized.

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Backup Connectivity—Wireless WAN provides diverse, cost effective backup for your data applications, quick deployment for temporary, new or remote locations, disaster recovery response, and mobile workers, as well as consistent network connectivity.

Primary Connectivity—Wireless WAN is ideal for primary connectivity for lower bandwidth applications in situations where wired networks are unavailable or infeasible.

They do offer a free basic phone with most plans, but if you want anything that uses data, web or video, you have to pay for it yourself.

Many of the plans charge roaming rates when you call outside your service area.

Every time I tell it to update, it always comes back update failed.

I notice that the connection constantly switches from 1x to Mobil Broadband (EV-Rev A).For most CDMA carriers (including Verizon), you can update your PRL by dialing *228 and selecting the appropriate option.For example, on a Verizon phone you dial *228 and then select option 2 and listen to the horrible programming music while your phone downloads the latest PRL. The first is to contact Sprint Customer Service and get your account approved for an update and then dial *2 and follow the instructions.Thinking with a change of the SIM then I could go with Sprint's 3G/4G offering.Unfortunately, it's not that simple, just changing the sim won't do it, as Sprint doesn't use sim cards for their 3G/4G offerings.Verizon Wireless might have slightly better connectivity indoors and call quality but it will cost you a 30% premium which may or may not be justified.

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