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All the information and tools needed to set up a successful method validation system Validating Chromatographic Methods brings order and Current Good Manufacturing Practices to the often chaotic process of chromatographic method validation.

It provides readers with both the practical information and the tools necessary to successfully set up a new validation system or upgrade a current system to fully comply with government safety and quality regulations.

This might include Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and the increasing number of mobile browsers.

Making sure that the HTML and CSS is correct is the first step in making sure that a site will display correctly in multiple browsers.

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“Interviewing Customers is a Special Kind of Torture” That’s what Justin Wilcox from Customer Dev Labs said in his video “How I Interview Customers.” In that awesome and useful guide, Justin outlined questions you should and shouldn’t ask.

Interviewing customers is the key to customer development.

People have written guides on how to interview customers. But, I haven’t seen a good guide on how to listen to customers. As some of you might know, I help out entrepreneurs with lean startup, marketing and customer development at

The reason is that it’s implied that to be a great interviewer, you also have to be a great listener. One of my calls was with a young business undergrad student who was an aspiring entrepreneur.

Here’s how the conversation went: This conversation was so cringeworthy.

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