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=.*[@#$%]) # must contains one special symbols in the list "@#$%" . mkyo Ng12* , special symbol “*” is not allow here 4. MKYONG12$ , lower case character is required Unit test with Test NG.# match anything with previous condition checking # length at least 6 characters and maximum of 20 ) # End of group Whole combination is means, 6 to 20 characters string with at least one digit, one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one special symbol (“@#$%”). Password is valid : [email protected] , true Password is valid : mk YOn12$ , true Password is valid : m [email protected] , false Password is valid : [email protected] , false Password is valid : mkyo Ng12* , false Password is valid : mkyon G$$ , false Password is valid : MKYONG12$ , false PASSED: Valid Password Test([ String;@116471f) =============================================== com.mkyong.regex.

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For example, you can validate a user's password that is typed into a Web page text box against encrypted passwords stored in the Profiles database.

The fact that data is encrypted when it is stored and cannot be decrypted is known as encryption.

I see no reason to believe that this mistake isn't present in the original code and the OP just didn't test the function extensively..

, known data against encrypted data stored in the database.

This regular expression pattern is very useful to implement a strong and complex password.

Following the validation of the frameworks for the East Asia region in Seoul (Republic of Korea) (June 2003), at the International Conference on Human Security in East Asia, the validation of the frameworks and the Caribbean was completed in August 2003 in Santiago, Chile, at a joint UNESCO-FLACSO (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences) meeting on “Contemporary International Security: Consequences for Human Security in Latin America”. Performance improvements are welcome for sake of education.I only care about performance by way of educating myself.Step 1: We need to load the plugin for activation in the config file ( my.cnf) .The variable “plugin-load” is helpful for perform that activity.I don't know how to get the while statement in line 71 to allow me to use the isupper, islower, isdigit functions.

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