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Test Email Address Even the email address has a valid format, it doesn’t mean the email address is existed in real world.

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Regular expression would work in any language, not just VB.

This method validates that e-mail addresses have the form "[email protected]".

I would like to add that it is generally bad practice to catch an exception as a way of validating data. After many headaches I found this regex which does a much better job than Microsoft does.

Mainly the reason is performance especialy when performing such validation over large sets of data but in generally it is just considered bad practice. EMails like "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" are actually valid addresses and you can test these by running your own email server (usually done by modifying the host file as well). Exclamation, "No Header Specified") End If Return False End If If mail Parts(mail Parts.

I spent three weeks re-writing the mail address parser in . One more thing, the only thing you can validate is the format of the mail address.

You can't ever validate that an email address is actually valid for receiving email without sending an email to that address and seeing if the server accepts it for delivery. Show("Please enter a valid email id", "Checking") txtemailid. Mail Address(str Check) Catch ex As Exception Return False End Try Return True End Function The Internet and this site are shock full of incorrect attempts at solving this with a regex.

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Use this code to validate the string before trying to use it as an e-mail address.

The following example codes demonstrate how to test email address without specified SMTP server.

It is impossible and while there are SMTP commands you can give to the mail server to attempt to validate it, many times these will be disabled or will return incorrect results since this is a common way for spammers to find email addresses. I'm glad to hear that this has gotten some attention from Microsoft! Clear() End If End Sub '----------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Creater : Rachitha Madusanka ' Designer and Software Developer '@ Function Valid Email(By Val str Check As String) As Boolean Try Dim b CK As Boolean Dim str Domain Type As String Const s Invalid Chars As String = "! = In Str(1, str Check, ".") Then str Check = Left(str Check, Len(str Check) - (In Str(1, str Check, ".") - 1)) Else b CK = False Go To Exit Function End If Loop If str Check = "." Or Len(str Check) = 0 Then b CK = False Exit Function: Valid Email = b CK Catch ex As Argument Exception Return False End Try Return Valid Email End Function Public Function Validate Email(By Val str Check As String) As Boolean Try Dim v Email Address As New System. Unless you are a regex wizard and an email wizard, don't even think about it.


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