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He began to pursue acting opportunities in the late 1990s.

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In 2006, Adrian was introduced as Colleen Carlton's university lecturer and her somewhat sparring partner as they started off on the wrong foot.

While stuck at school during an ice storm, he and Colleen had a one-night stand.

Meanwhile, his early interest in acting was demonstrated in his involvement with numerous school plays and theater classes.

He appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine's "All About Men" 1998 special issue.

He launched his career with repeat guest appearances on two soaps--"Sunset Beach" and "Days of Our Lives"--in the late '90s, before being cast as one of the three central leads on the syndicated sci-fi series "Mutant X" in 2001.

Webster's Brennan Mulwray was a genetically engineered superhero with electricity-based powers whose primary function was to find and protect his fellow "New Mutants." The series lasted three seasons and was canceled amid numerous infringement-related lawsuits.

It was revealed that Brad Carlton did not trust him and that Adrian grew up near the beach.

After World War II, his parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Caracas.

In '00, Webster appeared in his first feature film with a small part in the action sci-fi feature "Gangland," followed by another small role in the far more lighthearted "Bringing Down the House," the '03 comedy with Queen Latifah and Steve Martin.

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