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[Dubai, April 27, 2017] Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Open Lab Dubai, its first to serve customers and partners in the Middle East, and an important part of Huawei's Global Open Lab program.Open Lab Dubai is committed to providing innovative solutions for Io T, Cloud computing, Big data, intelligent analysis, e LTE, converged communications and other new technologies to build public safety, smart city, oil and gas solutions, and has attracted YITU, Zenith, Walkbase, 7G , IOmniscient, Nedap, Richfit and more than 20 other partners.

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GENBAND’s communications Platform as a Service, enables this transformation and delivers a comprehensive set of advanced embedded communications capabilities including voice, video, messaging, chat, presence and more, facilitating business, consumer and Io T solutions deployments with enhanced end-user collaboration experiences.

Gomess was a kaiju who, in ancient times, was the predator of the kaiju Litra.

However, this cost Litra her life as well and both monsters died together.

Gomess would later turn in the Ultraman multiverse, becoming a more powerful monster than his previous incarnation, being able to go toe-to-toe with Ultra Warrrior and Kaiju.

GENBAND empowers its global base of more than 700 customers in more than 80 countries to succeed via its technology leadership and intellectual property in network evolution and cloud based real-time communications software solutions and services.

With networks increasingly moving to , service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers globally are leveraging the company's solutions for rapid communications service and application creation.

Gabriel helps Sam when he gets into a tight spot as the result of a roommates stupidity.

And, as it turns out, Gabriel helps him get out of that spot. Takes place after the "Weekend" in "Weekend Plans".

At least a podfic Sam has finally figured out what he's getting Gabriel for Christmas, and despite getting some of his presents early, Gabriel has one more up his sleeve for Sam.


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