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And speaking of expectations: How do you handle your friends' expectations when you're newly out of the closet? Hi Dr Nerdlove, I feel like I should have reached out to you sooner, but I didn't muster up the courage to reach out to you until now.

I am currently a 26-year-old male who recently finished law school and took the bar exam.

It was going to include handy tips like, don’t select high tannin reds when tucking into Dover Sole and always try to match the acidity of the food with the acidity of the wine.

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), and when styled with nude heels and a form-fitting dress combination, this is classic Kim.

She's worn this transparent trench several times before (she even wore it to Glastonbury!

When I sat down to think about a topic for this blog post, I considered writing a very generic wine/food matching guide.

When jumping feet first into the pool of love, dinner and drinks are a common way to break the ice and start the journey of discovery.

Simply put, I am a virgin who has no real relationship experience, and I take no pride in either of these facts.

I guess I have never been interested in one-night-stands or just casual sex, preferring sex with someone I feel a genuine connection to.

The Adventurous One This date for me is by far the most entertaining, it gets you out of your element, you learn about each other through an activity and it’s largely different, breaking from the dinner and drinks convention.

Whether it is a simple bike ride, a visit to a theme park, the zoo or even an extreme skydiving session, you want a wine that fits.

Still, I've never made a proactive effort to lose my virginity, so it doesn't feel like I am in this situation by choice but rather my own shortcomings.

This lack of experience has made me feel concerned about my ability to find and maintain a successful relationship for a variety of reasons, the biggest one being that I feel like I don't know what the hell I am doing and it just makes me pessimistic about whether I can achieve these goals.

So many incredible options, how do you possibly narrow it down?

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