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Russian engineers have played a key role in a number of super successful global companies. On the other hand, good COOs and CMOs are rare in Russia.

To be in love means to believe and to be committed.

Some of them are very bold, like Oskar Hartmann and Vitaly Petrov from Formula 1, to name just a few. Russia is already the first mobile market in Europe, based on the number of subscribers, and will soon become the first Internet market Russia produces brilliant scientists and technologies.

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When in may 1990 collector Alexander Kronik went to Israel, he decided to pick up a few favorite works, including "Smoking room" Vitaly Komar.

And orders were extremely izuitskie, it was still the USSR.

There is the same kind of difference between a good and a bad idea everywhere in the world.

Our fund is committed to the markets it operates in — Germany, Israel, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain — in roughly the same way in each.

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