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To prevent VMware hosts on these levels from experiencing this issue, the following commands can be issued to disable using ATS for heartbeat I/O and revert to the 5.5 Update 1 heartbeat method.Note that after issuing these commands, the host will NOT be required to be rebooted.

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It is very good he did the article as I had trouble and had not found the patch ISO for the appliance until I saw the URL in his article! Here is a list of things to do before we actually starting to install VUM. You can log out of the VUM server as we will work elsewhere now. In 6.0 U1 you will be able to do all the configuration without this setup in the v Sphere Web Client – which makes my day! I am referring here to attaching baselines to our cluster so we will know when hosts are out of compliance but also have something to organize our patching around.

: I would suggest here that you create a Scheduled Task of Schedule a Scan and set it to scan your ESXi hosts in your cluster. So I took a look at the Home \ Update Manager \ Events and see see something interesting. After 20 minutes of nothing I started the Remediation again.

Method :2 Open the console session and press ALT F1 or login to the putty session. For example: Config: Status: Down It will show the status as down if no NTP is configured.

Run this command to enable the NTP server: ntp.–servers ntp_servername To remove an NTP server, run this command ntp.server.delete –-servers ntp_servername To override any current servers. cat /etc/ntpq –p So the * shows the active NTP Server and make sure the reach shows 377 Run the command to verify that you successfully applied the NTP synchronization.

Therefor, keeping your hosts’ date and time accurate is very important!

Even when you are not synchronising the clock of your guest OS, performing a clean boot (manual or HA) or a v Motion on a particular VM, the guest OS will apply the date and time of your ESXi host.

service ntp status To configure the NTP Server by login to the below Reference : https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-60/topic/com.vmware.

vi /etc/Pls note you have to use one server below another and don’t use commas.

The use of ATS heartbeating is now supported on IBM SAN Volume Controller, Storwize and Spectrum Virtualize systems running 7.6.1.x code or later, with VMware v Sphere environments using ESXi 6.0 or later.

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