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Mic Mute, Mic Phone, and Mixer are the special classes to add several extra features to the Voice Chat function.

The intersection of tools and technologies today creates a need for a conference that allows you to go in-depth with experts on the technologies you are using today but also cross over and hear what's happening with other technologies to keep you on th...

(The user doesn't have to worry about the external settings.) When the client application starts recording and playing threads created in of the Display class, it connects client to server and displays the userlist and start button. recording and playing are started by sending a message to the recording and playing thread (On Start function).

On Receive: When data arrives at the client, it will call the Display class's receive function, which plays the sound by sending message to the Play Sound thread. (It is called when the start button is clicked, as explained earlier.) Contains the functions for starting, playing, and stopping wavedata.

Buffers are created initially in the Display class itself.

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The 2017 version of our web site is still being finalized, but we’re happy to now announce that registration for IT/Dev Connections 2017 is now open! Security :: Enable Windows Authentication And Disable The Anonymous Authentication In IIS? Security :: Windows Authentication For Anonymous Users? The emergence of Web 2.0 technologies and the i Phone experience have shown that great user i...

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