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In its original broadcast, "Lisa the Vegetarian" was watched by 14.6 million viewers and finished 47th in the ratings for the week of October 9–15, 1995, with a 9.0 Nielsen rating.It was the fourth highest-rated show on the Fox network that week.which ends with November 1, World Vegan Day, as the end of that month of celebration.

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Vegetarian Meat was an alternative rock band originally formed in 1990 in Dayton, Ohio by Alex Mc Aulay, Dennis Cleary and Matt Cleary.

Signed by the No.6 Records label in 1992, while the band was still in high school, they released two 7" singles.

Various graphic and artistic representations are used; there is no one logo to represent World Vegetarian Day.

Some of the other dates within Vegetarian Awareness Month have their own logos, or a series of logo representations, if they are sponsored in part or totally by identifiable organizations.

Soon after a series of shows with the bands Luna and Jennyanykind, Vegetarian Meat disbanded.

Alex Mc Aulay went on to record four further albums under the name Charles Douglas, with members of The Velvet Underground and The Pixies, and has written several novels for MTV/Pocket Books.

However, eliminating all animal products from the diet increases the risk of certain nutritional deficiencies.

Micronutrients of special concern for the vegan include vitamins B-12 and D, calcium, and long-chain n–3 (omega-3) fatty acids.

World Vegetarian Day is observed annually around the planet on October 1.

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