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Bulletin #58 October 2015Contents: Pella in Jordan 2015Stephen Bourke Research on the Hellenistic polis in Asia Minor Simon Young On the Tiles in Central Asia David Thomas Battlefield Gallipoli Sarah Midford The Archaeology of the Desert Cults and the Origins of Israel’s God Juan Manuel Tebes The Heritage of Palmyra: Lectures in honour of Khalid al Asa’ad Ross Burns Drawn into the Star: Recreating the Ghassulian Wall Paintings Bernadette Drabsch Sheikh Muftah and Old Kingdom Interaction at Mut al-Kharab: The Lithic Evidence Sarah Ricketts Interconnections between Lebanon and Cyprus during the Middle and Late Bronze Age Hanan Charaf“For the Temple-bells are callin’, an’ it’s there that I would be”: Working at the Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay Wendy Reade Elamite funerary practices Yasmina Wicks Sweet Boy Dear Wife: Jane Dieulafoy in Persia 1881–1886Ben Churcher Download Bulletin Issue #58 Bulletin #57 April 2014Contents: J. Edwards Investigating Neolithic Iran: Contributions of the Mamasani Archaeological Project Lloyd Weeks A View from the southern Caucasus Antonio Sagona The Whispering Trees of Dhofar Wendy Reade Pella in Jordan 2013Stephen Bourke Holy Cows and Lambs of God: Animal bones from the Pella temple Karyn Wesselingh Elites along the Euphrates: A monumental tomb at Jerablus Tahtani by Carchemish, Syria Edgar Peltenburg The re-discovery of the ‘lost’ minaret of Qalca-i Zarmurgh David C.

a bioarchaeological investigation into the nature of the Neolithic transition Link broke, only HTML available!

ABSTRACT – There is a growing body of evidence that the spread of farming in Europe was not a single uniform process, but that it involved a complex set of processes such as demic diffusion, folk migration, frontier mobility, and leapfrog colonisation.

A major population growth was already occurring in the former at the onset of the Late Glacial Maximum.

Population growth was not linear but rather reflected local circumstances, both external and internal.

Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Recent developments in the use of more stable feldspar signals in the luminescence dating of sediments offer the possibility of obtaining accurate feldspar luminescence ages for ceramic artefacts; this is especially interesting in locations which do not provide suitable quartz extracts.

Here we examine the application of the stable infrared stimulated luminescence signal measured at elevated temperature (in this case 290°C; p IRIRC dating, typology and seriation these units were deposited between 700 and 900 BCE.

It’s well worth a read if you are interested in the Natufians and other ancient farming groups from the neolithic.

Interestingly, it observes that the Anatolians of Catal Hoyuk seem very different to thsoe of Cayonu.

Council for British Research in the Levant, London. 1980 Ein bedeutsamer botanischer Fund der Gattung Bericht über die Ergebnisse in Kamid el-Loz in den Jähren 19, ed.


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