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Your ser.# XXXXX proof stamps, and the stamping on the slide definitely says that the gun was made in ULM, Germany.

I'm sorry, that Wikipedia is confusing, but they give a lot of general info.

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Just spent an interesting hour talking with a nice old WWII USAAF vet who flew P-47s in Italy and then France after D-day.

Variations are listed either by proofmarks or frame/slide markings. Exc.: $3000, Vgood: $2250, Good: $1500Add 25%-50% if Waffenamt proofed, depending on condition (late war PPs are sometimes encountered with Walther marked beechwood grips). Wikipedia, however, gives conflicting information regarding origin, indicating Walther PPs were manufactured in France by Manurhin from 1952 till 1986.

This info was taken from the 32nd edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values. Hi, You stated that there was an eagle over an "N". If it was a PP made by Manurhin, it would have a Manurhin logo and inscription.

Ser# 285,xxx on a Walther PPK (Zella Mellis) should have a 'K' suffix to the number on the frame.

The matching ser# marked on the right side of the slide was generally with-out the suffix.Type: Double Action Caliber: .22LR or 6.35mm auto (.25 ACP) or 7.65x17mm Auto or 9x17mm (.380 ACP) Length overall 173mm PP, 154 mm PPK Weight: 682g PP, 568g PPK Barrel length: 99mm PP, 84mm PPK Capacity: 8 (PP), 7 (PPK) rounds Walther PP pistols were among the most important developments of the inter-war period.Produced between 19 in significant numbers, these pistols, among with the basically similar but smaller PPK, were widely used as police and military guns in Hitler’s Germany.Also, there are Walther PPK/S pistols, which are a cross-breed between PP and PPK, combining the PP frame with shorter PPK-style barrel and slide.These pistols were designed to avoid limitations imposed by the American Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1968.Location and date of manufacture of a walther pp .380 ser 164xx.


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