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By doing so, the brands can increase the number of followers because only followers of an account can send messages to the account.

In addition, when the users shared the notice onto their Moments, their friends on We Chat would also see it because Moments is one of the most effective social platforms to spread messages in China now.

Whether you’re a seasoned We Chat user, or are just now learning about it for the first time, here is a helpful overview of this messaging app phenomenon, and how it may be helpful to use in the world of international student Home Stay programs.

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The tablet has a micro SD lot to expand its storage, which is a good thing since it only comes with 8GB of internal storage.

Frustratingly, even if you choose to install everything to external storage (we have a 32GB micro SD card installed), it still uses up much of its internal storage.

Furthermore, companies on We Chat can have an official account and people will follow their news and updates.

Tourism companies have interest to be on We Chat to be chosen rather than other companies.

We can consider We Chat as the best messaging app in china. It was developed by Tencent in 2011, and is now used more than texts messages in China. The app is now present in 30 countries and is translated in 20 languages.

In 2014, We Chat was used by 39% of the adult internet population in Asian countries and 23% by the rest of the World.

They also invited travel writers to share travel experiences in certain countries, such as a sports reporter-turned-travel writer shared his travel story in Egypt.

In Sony group, it hosted photography classes in the group to teach members how to take better pictures.

Communication occurs through the green colored We Chat application, which can be downloaded and installed for free on any smartphone, such as an i Phone or Android.

Once installed and an account is created, users can add friends and communicate with each other one-on-one or with groups of people through ongoing instant text messages, media messages (such as pictures or recorded videos), live voice calls, and even video conference calls.

That would initiate the organic spreading of the message.


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