When your sick of dating

It was about seven years ago that I became unexpectedly single due to a seemingly promising relationship gone horribly wrong. And there is so much hope and joy waiting for you – even today. I am just here to gently remind you that you’re not alone.“The stakes were higher, you had to be really sure that you liked that person and were willing to take the risk, therefore the reward was much sweeter and the risk, sometimes worth it,” she says.

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But I was terrified of having to start all over again. I wish that I could tell you that it will happen soon.

In the midst of my own heartache, I quickly learned that I needed to make the best of this time that I had.

Skip that calendar year by pulling on some PJs and hunkering down with your sick sweetie.

If you can listen to five to seven days of incessant throat-clearing and sniffling and There’s nothing you can really do about the cold or flu except manage symptoms and sleep them off.

Being sick doesn't allow either of you to touch up your makeup or wear restrictive clothes.

Instead, you’ll be on an equal footing of sweatpants and charity T-shirts.

Perhaps even for people who did join an app as single-and-ready-to-mingle, seeing the plethora of options on swipes and the mighty levels of power that come with literally swiping someone aside if they don’t fit your brief, it has stopped people meeting someone they otherwise might give a chance if they met in person.

River describes the “ease of the swipe” as sometimes being a hindrance to actually deciding on someone to meet up with.

That might sound intriguing in romance novels, but it's just hella boring in real life.

There are only so many stories and topics she can think of while you guys go out for tacos - you need to contribute!

It was a time to make positive changes to my life in order to prepare my heart for my future husband, so that I would be the kind of person I wished to marry.

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