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Former editor Pedro Alex Carrasco made public sexual assault allegations against Penn early this year when he tweeted, “Tired of seeing this pervert BJ Penn in the news.

Dude’s a cocaine addict, who sexually assaulted my Playboy model GF, and I have proof.” Carrasco worked for several years at and says that he lived next door to Penn for 10 years.

He is a former UFC Lightweight Champion and UFC Welterweight Champion.

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Who is bj penn dating

Penn also served as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 5 reality show. He fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and K-1.

He is only the second fighter in UFC history to win titles in two different weight classes. was born Jay Dee Penn in Kailua, Hawaii in December 1978.

He was undefeated for more than eight years as a lightweight. Dana White, the UFC President, has credited Penn with bringing the lower weight divisions into the mainstream.

He is considered to be one of the best Lightweight fighters in MMA history, as well as one of the sport's greatest fighters period. Dana White has said that Penn will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

UFC legend BJ Penn says he absolutely did NOT assault a woman back in August -- saying the allegations are completely bogus and stem from a former employee who was bitter at being fired.

As we previously reported, a woman filed a police report against Penn claiming he roughed her up at her home back in August.He is a family man and father of two young daughters with a long term girlfriend.It is unfortunate that someone that BJ considered family is trying to extort him." AM PT -- We spoke with Pedro who is adamant he and his girlfriend are NOT trying to extort BJ.Police are investigating the matter, and Penn hasn’t officially been charged with any crime.On Thursday, the UFC put Penn’s return to action on hold while they completed an internal investigation into the situation as well.“Penn trusted Pedro to run his website for almost a decade and considered him family.

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