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She's a great actress, she makes me laugh, she surprises me all the time with her work, and I like being around her."In , Byrne and Cannavale's relationship is one step further than in real life.

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You don’t want negative publicity to affect you, but of course it did.

Chris [Rock], who had never been through this before and felt a big responsibility being in the show, was really concerned—so much so that on opening night, when we gathered at five minutes [to curtain], he said, “Let’s have a great time tonight because we might not be doing this tomorrow.” I was like, “Hey man, it’s opening night! What’s been the mood backstage since the Tony nominations were announced, with three of the five cast members being honored? The first phone calls I got were from Chris and Annabella [Sciorra] congratulating me, and that’s a testament to their professionalism and their compassion. We’re truly an ensemble, which is why there are no single bows at the end of the play. I’ve never felt that I was the engine of any project, including in this play.

is literally the name of a swim class for grownups who never learned how, it works figuratively as the title for the movie, which is a story about growing up and beginning again, even as an adult.

And even though Jake is the one who has to start all over, Justine (Byrne) and Danny (Cannavale), who have a second child on the way, have their own issues to deal with.] looks at how hard it is to really take that step into adulthood," Cannavale says.

Cannavale, 42, was married to actress/screenwrtier Jenny Lumet from 1994-2003. He has also been romantically linked to actresses Annabella Sciorra, Alison Pill and Sutton Foster.

"They're so different, all three of them which was really fun," Byrne tells Bio.

And two years later, Australian actress Rose Byrne and her New York beau, Bobby Cannavale just can’t get enough of each other. I’m so used to it, so you wake up and you hear it and it’s usually when you’re in the country and stuff, not in the city so much.’Rose Byrne is an Australian actress.

So much so, that the red carpet darling scored her beau a gig on her latest film, Adult Beginners, A source told the publication that Rose told Nick: The film centers around a failed entrepreneur, played by writer Nick, who moves in with his sister and her husband, played by the Aussie actress and partner Bobby. Byrne made her screen debut in 1992 with a small role in the film Dallas Doll.

Just after receiving a 2011 Best Actor Tony nomination, the 41-year-old star chatted with about his career, the joys of fatherhood (his son, Jake, with ex-wife Jenny Lumet, just turned 16) and his romance with Broadway queen Sutton Foster.

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