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His musical journey began in 2006 as a promposal to his high school crush, and he evolved from performing cover songs on You Tube to producing original music and running online campaigns for Verizon, Toyota, Vivo, AT&T, Dove, GODIVA etc through his company - Music Never Sleeps, in 2010.

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The South African comedian, 31, met Taylor after he moved to NYC earlier this year to begin his new gig as host of Taylor, who originally hails from L.

Photos from her Instagram -- where she has more than 17,000 followers -- show her posing in a Ram polo.

While looking through Pinterest, I saw some adorable customized wedding framed art and I thought – I could make that! I love everything about this DIY project and it really wasn’t too tricky. Then, I changed the text to something a little fancier. Leah Aldous, one of our fabulous designers, has created 3 unique backgrounds for you!

All you need is a computer with Microsoft Word (or similar software), a printer & a frame. I went with Janda Elegant Handwriting because it looks like someone actually wrote it. Make sure to stop by her site and say “Thank You” for creating all of these!

Your first dance as a married couple is a uniquely intimate moment during an otherwise public day.

While your friends and family will watch you and your new spouse sway softly (or show off smooth choreographed moves), the two of you will be the only ones on the dance floor.Without a doubt it's one of the most intimate, joyous moments of your wedding day, and the first opportunity you both have to savor your newly-minted status as husband and wife.For some couples, selecting a meaningful, expressive first dance song is the easiest part of their wedding-planning process.In a press conference last December, Garcia was asked if he has plans of taking his team-up with Barretto to the next level. Despite this, Garcia praised Barretto for being "down to earth." “Wala siyang kaarte-arte sa katawan.Inglisera lang talaga siya kasi lumaki siya sa [well-off na family] pero kapag nakita mo ang personality niya, mamamangha ka. I am always looking for gifts for weddings that are inexpensive but very personal.


  1. I have worked as a auditor, a financial investigator, and for the past 10 years as a liquidator. I respect all people no matter what, finding trust and solutions starts with respect, and courtesy." A lot of people are finding out that I have years of experience in forensic accounting, my skills are now being sort out to help businesses with this type of work as well.

  2. But certain things remain the same, like the quality and variety of girls ready to chat.

  3. It was written by Giorgio Tuinfort, Aliaune Thiam, David Guetta, Jean-Claude Sindres and Sandy Vee; the latter three also produced the song.

  4. Junte-se agora para um Vídeo Chat ao vivo NÚ no meu quarto privado!

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