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Although not married, she was pregnant with a baby girl which she kept as a secret for seven months without anyone knowing. She is one of the celebrities in Hollywood who likes to keep their information regarding their relationship a secret from the rest of the world.Tika Sumpter is an American model, actress, producer and television host who is best known for her role as Layla Williamson in ‘One life to Live’.

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We spoke with Tika about her role in the film and why she was dying to be a part of it after reading the script. AE: Can you tell me what the audition process was like? The love she had for Bessie was kind of amazing so I went in full-throttle, just went in and tried to kill the audition and I guess Dee loved it and we went from there.

After So you got the chance to see at the premiere this week, right? TS: I read the script and everything in the script was amazing. AE: Lucille really says so much with her facial expressions. TS: [laughs] Sometimes it can be difficult but I think that’s what acting is. I think everybody has loved somebody and they didn’t love them back—not love them back but give them their full attention.

I think everybody has felt those kinds of feelings so I was just being in the moment, basically. What kind of background did Dee give you on playing her?

TS: Actually I read a book about Bessie and there’s this little part about a woman who traveled with her which was her niece—not through blood but through Jack G, her husband.

Hosea started with a minuscule recurring role as Delivery Guy on ' For Your Love' in 1998, and layer started booking larger roles in the late 200s.

This guy was cast in 2006 in the role that would bring him the greatest recognition, as Malik Wright on ' The Game.' In inclusion to his continuing work on ' The Game,' he has also guest-appeared on ' The Shield' and ' Invincible.' In 2015 he also appeared in the BET movie ' Let the Church Say Amen' and he also is the next in the film ' Major Crimes' as a role of Emile Fisher.

Tika Sumpter nationality is an American and she follows a Christian ethnicity. She began as a model after which she soon grew to fame as the co-host of reality television series “Best Friend’s Date”.

The big break of Tika’s acting career was in 2005 when she was cast for the role of Layla Williamson in the long- running television series ‘One life to Live after’.

Tika Sumpter married her husband Hosea Chanchez on 2009.

But their marriage did not last for a long time so and the couple separated in 2012. She has not told anywhere that who really is the father of her child.

Tika Sumpter is an American actress, producer, singer, television host, and model. Her mother name is Janice Acquista and her father name is Arthur Curtis Sumpter Sr.

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