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Enya, 44, who has sold tens of millions of albums of her songs worldwide, never goes on concert tours and makes only rare public appearances.

She lives a quiet life in the opulent village of Killiney, just south of Dublin, working on her intricately crafted CDs with a husband-and-wife team who provide lyrics and recording expertise.

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Eithne herself stated that without them "Enya" wouldn’t exist.

Nicky and Roma are a married couple and have two daughters together.

Another reason is the complexity of Enya’s sound: it’d be very difficult and expensive to reproduce her songs live.

"I didn’t know about the longevity of my career, so we weren’t thinking about hiring a full orchestra and choir to play all the different parts.

For an artist of the New Age genre to be able to claim it, is virtually unheard of, but that is exactly what Enya has accomplished.

Listening to her work can calm frazzled nerves, set a mood, enliven a movie scene, or ignite your soul.

Like no-one wants to know why ‘Eclipse’ makes no sense but everyone wants to know who’s Enya’s boyfriend and if she’s married. She chose to adapt the spelling because it was difficult to pronounce for non-Gaelic speakers.

The shortened version appeared for the first time in the closing credits of became a major hit, her sales have been so high that there was no need to further promote the albums.

The singer has suffered before from the attentions of unwanted fans: in 1996 an Italian man, who had been seen in Dublin wearing her photograph around his neck, stabbed himself after being ejected from her parents' pub in Donegal.


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