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We still can’t bottle that special Superhero juice and pass it out for free, but after getting to know this year’s crop of Superheroes, we have a pretty good idea of what it takes to grow a leader: mentors and teachers who spend the time to encourage a child; supportive communities; parents who help fuel their kids’ dreams. A Puget Sound–area heroine and institution in her own right, Bullitt, a member of the well-known Bullitt clan of community activists and philanthropists, has worked for decades in the areas of social justice, peace, historic preservation, education reform and civic activism.

All our Superheroes were inspired to enhance the lives of children and families in Washington state and beyond, from pioneering baby-brain researchers to a poet mentor, from a truth-speaking educator to a philanthropist who has spent half a century pursuing justice for others. She helped found Bumbershoot, restore Pioneer Square, organize antinuclear protests, and desegregate Seattle’s schools in the 1970s by organizing the Coalition for Quality Integrated Education.

Until recently, Brandi Carlile hadn't confirmed that she is, indeed, a lesbian. Since she dropped her eponymous debut in 2005, much of the attention surrounding the Seattle singer-songwriter has deservedly been focused on something far more riveting: a walloping, from-the-gut voice that shreds through songs like it's some kind of singing chainsaw.

I know this may be naive, but I believe I should be able to be fine in my professional life—my whole life, really—and have it be known that this happened to me. And I will still be here long after Kalebu is sentenced on August 12 (assuming the sentencing happens as planned).

In fact, having learned how to survive this may even have made me stronger and more able to manage the normal, workaday ups and downs. I realize that interest in this crime and its consequences will probably fade after he's sent to prison, and before that occurs I want to use what interest remains to say a few things.

The album was recorded in a mellow, experimental atmosphere.

Carlile thinks Bear Creek is her best record because of that total freedom.

I spent the last couple of years writing this record in a sort of discontented place.

But I was able to really transcend the place I was in because it was inspiring; I was on a tour bus -- and that's inspiring to me, but it might not be inspiring to everybody else in the world.It didn't matter who I was, I thought as I went through this process.I was known by name to my family and my friends, but anonymous to the general public, and that was fine.The only thing that mattered was what had happened. Today, at 38, I find myself craving to have my identity back.I am prepared to have my name enter the public realm.Bullitt is also known for hosting Wednesday-evening picnics every July for five decades on her Capitol Hill lawn in Seattle.


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